Monarchs V HB


Played at Corbridge Tue 24 Mar 2015
Monarchs H/c res Res H/c Haydon Bridge
David Wrigley 1 2 2 3 Ian Mackay
Derek Blair 3 2 2 5 Tom Bradford
Steve Larkin 5 4 0 7 Ralph Fawcett
Malcolm Reid 5 0 4 8 Damian Rudge
14 8 8 23
22 31


Reivers v South Shields B

This match was played at South Shields on Thursday March 26th, with the following line-up:

1. Ben Wood (121) v Derek Blair (135)

2. Stan Johnson (111) v Alex Ashworth (124)

3. Mike Savin (110) v Steve Larkin (107)

4. Gary Hunter (u) v Malcolm Reid (c101)

5. Ansaga Gunasakera (u) v Dave Foster jr (84)

Dave ‘s was the first game to finish, when on move 11 he was forced to swap his queen for a rook – game over. 1-0

Next up was Derek, who went the exchange up (rook for bishop) and was in a strong position when his opponent resigned on move 29. 1-1

Steve’s game was materially even throughout, but positionally he was on the back foot. It came down to King and 6 pawns on either side and Steve managed to close things down for a draw. 1.5-1.5

Alex had a very even game with Stan. It came down to rook and 3 pawns each, then rook and two pawns, then Alex dropped a pawn, but the game had in effect been a draw for some considerable time. 2-2

Which left the match hinging on the out come of Malcolm’s game. He was a pawn up and doing all the attacking, then gained another pawn. In a fascinating endgame, he had 2 rooks, a bishop and 3 pawns to Gary’s 2 rooks and 3 pawns, but Gary’s rooks were the more active and eventually he forced a draw by perpetual check. 2.5-2.5

This result meant that the Reivers finished in fourth spot in the division, just one game point (not a match point) behind South Shields B, with Gosforth IV and Forest Hall Rockets taking the two promotion places. Given our dismal start to the season, this was not at all a bad performance overall.

My thanks to all eleven players who turned out during the season. These are the stats:

Steve Played 7 Won 1 Drew 4 Lost 2

Derek       ”    6    ”    3    ”     1    ”    2

Bruce       ”    5    ”    2    ”      2   ”    1

Dave        ”    5    ”    1   ”      0    ”    4

Phil           ”   4    ”    1    ”     2    ”     1

Peter B     ”   3    ”    3    ”      0   ”     0

Damian    ”    2   ”     2    ”      0   ”    0

Malcolm     ”  2   ”     1    ”     1    ”    0

Alex           ”   2    ”    1    ”     1    ”   0

Peter C      ”    1    ”   0    ”     0   ”    1

Jeremy      ”     1    ”   0    ”     0   ”    1

South Tyne Jamboree

A date for the diary. This information has come through Bill Hardwick from Steve Larkin, who is organising the Jamboree.

This year’s Jamboree will be held at the Haydonian in Haydon Bridge on Tuesday May 19th. As in previous years, the format will be two one hour games (30 minutes per player) with a break for refreshments midway. So round 1 will start promptly at 7.30 p.m. and round 2 at 9 p.m. The charge for refreshments will be somewhere between £2 to £3 per head.

To help make the organisation of the event less of a last-minute scramble, I am asking all teams, whether complete or incomplete, to register with me at by midnight on Monday May 18th at the latest. This should allow me to organize composite teams where necessary in advance of the event and should remove uncertainty surrounding late arrivals. So any team or individual arriving after 7.30 p.m. will find that their clocks have been started in the normal way.

In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the four-way tie for first which we had last year, the following tie-break rules will apply this time:

  1. The team with the most wins, excluding any wins by default, is the winner.
  2. If two or more teams are still tied, board 4 results will be discounted.
  3. If two or more teams are still tied, they will share the trophy.

I realize that the first rule can be tough on the team with a win by default, but in an event with only two rounds, a default assumes a disproportionate significance; and a win over the board should surely count for more. So I fear that everyone competing will just have to accept that, where defaults are concerned, it is down to the luck of the draw!

NCA Plate Trophy

The Tans may not have won last night at Gosforth, but we did pick up a trophy. This is the Northumberland Chess Association Summer Knock Out trophy, won last summer by Tynedale. I’ve been looking trough the records to see who played, and the team stalwarts were Derek Blair, Jeremy Handley, Steve Larkin and Phil Taylor, with cameo appearance by Tim Wrigley and Alex Ashworth. Steve Larkin produced a report about the final (Summer KO Plate Final Report) and I am now reproducing Dave Walshaw’s report about the earlier rounds.
NCA Plate Trophy


Round One

Tynemouth Warriors v Gosforth Empire

R. Oxnard(135) 0-1 M.McBeth(177)
D. White (120) 0-1 P.Sumner(157)
D. Beagarie(119) 0-1 D.Stebbings(137)
B. Batten(115) 1-0 G.Harrison(132)
Handicap 1.5

Gosforth Regents v Gateshead

P. Costello(150) 1-0 K. Cox(134)
K. Mills(144) 1-0 W. Noble(134)
M. Beardsley(135) 1-0 P. Wells(131)
D. Baynes(124) 1-0 A. Johnson (113)

Forest Hall B v Tynemouth Castles

Home win, but no further details forthcoming.

South Shields v Gosforth Salters

Ian Maughan(164) 0.5-0.5 Noel Boustred(140)
Kevin Rowden(141) 1-0 John Fance(122)
Eddie Czestochowski(114) 0-1 Steve Wilde(113)
Mike Savin(113) 0.5-0.5 Bryan Ord(83)
Handicap 2.5

Jesmond Knights v Forest Hall A

M Prasath(185) ) 1-0 M Seeber(158)
E Dodds(175) ) 1-0 F Moon(145)
Z Zhang(175) ) 1-0 M Smith(142)
C Wardle(161) 1-0 S Black(115)
Total Grade (696) 4-0 Total Grade (560)
Handicap Open 0-2.5 Inter
Total Score 4-2.5

Jesmond   v Tynedale

Roger Coathup(190) 1-0 Derek Blair(141)
M Smyth(176) 1-0 Jeremy Handley(137)
G Elliames(159) 1-0 AlexAshworth(127)
James Turner(155) 1-0 Phil Taylor(125)
Total Grade(680) 4-0 Total Grade(530)
 Handicap Points 0-2½
 Total Score 4-2½ Total Score

Gosforth IV v Morpeth B

B Heyman(123) 0-1 A Welsh(138)
K Moreby(120) 1-0 J Horton(135)
J Chan(108) 0-1 H Robinson(116)
D Turner(104) 1-0 D.H. Watson(111)

The grades are the January ones, and therefore incorrect, leading to the top two boards playing out of order. Morpeth spotted this after the match but decided not to lodge a complaint on the grounds it was accidental.

Tynemouth Trojans – Sprites

Alan Harvey 1-0 Chris Smith
David Henderson 1-0 Lewis Self
Mick Riding 1-0 Bill Penny
Gary Cornwall 1-0 Default

TROPHY Quarter Finals

Tynemouth v Morpeth A

A Harvey(190) 1/2-1/2 R Coathup(190)
D Henderson(189) 1-0 M Smyth(176)
G Cornwall(161) 1-0 G Ellames(159)
J Morton(149) 1-0 J Turner(155)
Total 3.5-0.5

Jesmond Knights v Gosforth Empire

M Prasath(185) 1-0 D Armbruster(182)
E Dodds(175) 1-0 J Wheeler(181)
A Trevelyan(156) 0-1 M McBeth(177)
R Archer(150) 0.5-0.5 P Sumner(157)
Total Grade(666) 2.5-1.5 Total Grade(697)
 Handicap (Open) 0-0 (Open)
 Total Score 2.5-1.5 Total Score

Forest Hall B v Gosforth Regents

Kristian Mills was expected for Gosforth but a phone call established he wasn’t coming minutes before the start so their boards 3 and 4 moved up.

Rolf Millar beat Paul Costello

Jeff Baird drew Martin Beardsley

Mark Younger lost to Dave Baynes

So Forest Hall win 2.5 – 1.5 including default. No handicap applied

(Ed: no name supplied for Forest Hall B board 4 to claim the default)

Gosforth IV v Gosforth Salters

Kurt Moreby(127) 0-1 Noel Boustred(140)
Tony Neville(112) 0-1 John France(122)
Joe Chan(109,) 1-0 Steve Wilde(113)
Dave Turner(104) 1-0 Brian Orde(83).

Gosforth IV win as lower graded team

PLATE Quarter Finals

Morpeth B v Tynemouth Warriors

J Horton(135) 0-1 R Oxnard(135)
J Chadwick(124) 1-0 PJackson(124)
D Patterson(122) 0-1 D White(120)
D Watson(111) 0-1 D Beagarie(119)
(492) 1-3 (498)

Tynemouth win.

Tynemouth Castles v Tynedale

Dave Jarema(156) 0.5-0.5 Derek Blair(141)
Keith Rockett(147) 0-1 Jeremy Handley(137)
Dave Hair(142) 0.5-0.5 Steve Larkin(125)
Dave Mear(130) 0.5-0.5 Phil Taylor(125)
Total grade(575) (528)
Handicap 0-1.5
Final score 1.5-4

Forest Hall A v Tynemouth Sprites

Martin Seeber 0.5-0.5 Chris Smith
Frank Moon 1-0 Lewis Self
Mike Smith 1-0 Trevor Penny
Steve Black 1-0 default

Forest Hall Win

Gateshead v South Shields

Kevin Cox(134) 0-1 Simon Mcguinness(184)
Bill Noble(134) 1-0 Ian Maughan(164)
Peter Wells(132) 1-0 Stan Johnson(118)
Denise Mosse(131) 0-1 Eddie Czestochowski(115e)
Total Grade(531) Total Grade(581)
Handicap Points 2.5-0 Handicap Points
Total Score 4.5-2 Total Score

TROPHY Semi Finals

Tynemouth Trojans v Jesmond Knights

M Riding(191) 0-1 MPrasath(185)
G Cornwall(161) 0-1 E Dodds(175)
J Morton(149)(Default–no show) 0-1 C Izod(173)
D Laws(147) 1-0 C Wardle(161)
Total Grade (648)  Total Grade (694)
Handicap (Open) 0-0 Open
Total Score 1-3  Total Score

Forest Hall B v Gosforth IV

The result was 2:2 which gives us a win on handicap, I think, but please see note below.

R Millar(133, black)  0.5-0.5 Ted Jarah(130,white)
J Bentham(125, white) 1-0 Bob Heyman(123, black)
J Baird(122, white) 0.5-0.5 Tony Neville(112, black)
M Younger(121,white) 0-1 Joe Chan(109, black)

As you can see, board three played the wrong colours so that we ended up with 3 blacks. It was a genuine mistake which I only noticed after the game, and their team captain (Jeff Bentham) didn’t spot either. Hopefully, you will decide that the result stands because the winners were disadvantaged rather than making us play the match again!

PLATE Semi Finals

Forest Hall v Tynedale

Martin Seeber(158) 0.5-0.5 Tim Wrigley(142)
Mike Smith(142) 0.5-0.5 Jeremy Handley(137)
Sophie Seeber(128) 0.5-0.5 Steve Larkin(125)
Keith Brooks(117) 0-1 Phil Taylor(125)

As both sides were intermediate teams, Tynedale won.

Tynemouth Warriors v Gateshead

Richard Oxnard(135) ½-½ W Noble(133)
Phil Jackson(124) 1-0 P Wells(133)
Dennis White(120) 0-1 P Mosse(131)
Dennis Beagrie(119) ½-½ P Johnson(113)
(493) 2-2 (510)

Tynemouth the lower rated team wins.

Gosforth Empire v Tans


Gosforth Empire v Tans
Played at Gosforth Empire Club Mon 16 Mar 2015
David Armbruster 0-1 Andy Lawson
Paul Janiak 1-0 Gary Murphy
Michael McBeth ½-½ Tim Wrigley
John Wheeler 1-0 Jeremy Handley
Roy Bagnall ½-½ Peter Crichton

Northumberland rapidplay championships

This event was held at Forest Hall on Sunday March 15th. Three club members took part. Peter Crichton played in the Major (under 160) where he was ranked 6th of the 14 entries., while Steve Larkin and Damian Rudge played in the Minor (under 130), where they were ranked respectively 19th and 24th of the 26 entries. The format was 5 rounds of one hour each (30 minutes per player), with 2 rounds before lunch and 3 afterwards.

Peter’s first game was against Manoj Arora (Gosforth 130). With mistakes on both sides, the game ended in a draw. In round 2 he had a good win against Andy Robinson (Gosforth 151) and in round 3 drew with the top seed, Robert Mitcheson (Morpeth 157): this game was even throughout, coming down to an opposite-coloured bishops ending – another good result for Peter. Round 4 produced another draw, this time against Darren Laws (Tynemouth 147), so Peter went into the final round undefeated. Alas, he came unstuck against his lowest-graded opponent, Mark Younger (Forest Hall 121), who was having a blinder of a championships. With white he launched a strong kingside attack which Peter was unable to repel. So Peter emerged with 2.5/5, a good result in a strong field.

Steve’s first game in the Minor was against Ralph Firth (Alnwick 123). Steve looked good for at least a draw and maybe a win till he allowed Ralph’s knight to fork king and queen. In round 2 his opponent Richard Kuby (Middlesborough 73) resigned after touching one piece and wishing to move another (he had already made one illegal move which would have lost him the game had Steve been minded to claim it). Round 3 brought Hanif Zaman (Jesmond 115), a very sharp young lad who played very quickly and opted to force a draw by repetition. In round 4 Steve launched a speculative kingside attack against Graham Matthews (Hartlepool 114). It failed to have the desired effect, and thereafter Steve was comprehensively outplayed. Steve rounded off the day by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against Dave Parlour (South Shields 101). With queen, rook and pawns against bishop, rook and pawns, Steve played the one move which made possible a forced mate for Dave – oh dear oh dear! So 1.5/5 was the unimpressive outcome.

Damian had a tough time, with a succession of strong and experienced opponents. In round 1 it was Jeff Baird (Forest Hall 117), to whom Damian lost by a miscalculation. His big moment came in round 2 when he defeated Kevin Waterman (Hartlepool 111). The euphoria was soon dispelled when he was outplayed in round 3 by Joe Chan (Gosforth 121). Against Stan Johnson (South Shields 108) he blundered and lost. His round 5 game against young Johnny Wall (Forest Hall 95)  was much closer but came down to his rook and pawns against Johnny’s queen and pawns and the queen prevailed. So 1/5 for Damian, but no easy rides and an impressive victory.

Angels V Austins


Played at Corbridge Tue 10 Mar 2015
Angels H/c res Res H/c Austins
Tim Wrigley 2 4 0 3 Camas Millar
Jeremy Handley 3 2 2 4 P Walters
Alex Ashworth 4 4 0 5 Bill Hardwick
Bruce Reed 5 4 0 6 Dreq Millar
14 14 2 18
28 20


Tynemouth B v Tans


Tynemouth B v Tans
Played at Spring Gardens Tue 3 Mar 2015
Dave Jarema 0-1 Andy Lawson
Dave Hair 0-1 David Wrigley
Keith Rockett ½-½ Gary Murphy
Dave Mear 0-1 Jeremy Handley
Ray Garside ½-½ Peter Crichton

Friars v Monarchs


Played at Hallbankgate Mon 2 Mar 2015
Friars H/c res Res H/c Monarchs
Jason Maxwell 2 4 0 1 David Wrigley
Paul Rivers 2 0 4 3 Derek Blair
Akan Hiatt 3 4 0 5 Steve Larkin
Bruce Wallace 4 4 0 7 Dave Foster Jnr
11 12 4 16
23 20


Alnwick v Reivers

This fixture took place at Morpeth on Wednesday March 4th with the following line-up:
1. G. Ellames (147) v Jeremy Handley (144)
2. R. Firth (123) v Derek Blair (135)
3. J. Pharoah (116) v Phil Taylor (115)
4. V. Cowley (u) v Steve Larkin (107)
5. C. Cox (37) v Peter Booker (77)
A quick finish on top board where Jeremy was so focussed on his own plans that he failed to spot a pawn check leading inevitably to the loss of his queen. He resigned on move 14. 1-0
On board 5 Peter, who was comfortably ahead, was likewise so engrossed in his own strategy that he allowed his opponent back into the game. Fortunately he was able to retrieve the situation and his opponent resigned when faced by a barrage of passed pawns. 1-1
Steve’s game should have been a straightforward win against a weak opponent, but it came down to a rook and pawns ending with Steve holding just a one pawn advantage. It took him forever to queen a pawn and force mate. 1-2
Phil likewise went into a rook and pawns ending one pawn up, but while his king was in the corner of the board, James’s was in the centre supporting a passed pawn. The pawn queened, obliging Phil to sacrifice his rook, and he resigned shortly afterwards when it was clear that he could not stop a second pawn from queening. 2-2
With the match result hinging on this game, Derek found himself in a complex position which was materially even but where he was very much on the defensive, as well as being down on time, so when the offer of a draw came he was happy to accept it. 2.5-2.5
So with one match point, the Reivers remain in 4th place in division 3, half a point behind Alnwick but with a game in hand (this was Alnwick’s last match of the season, while the Reivers have still to play South Shields B), so a third place finish is a distinct possibility.