Christmas rapidplay

Twelve members took part in a five-round rapidplay (15 minutes each) event at the club on Tuesday Dec 17th. Runaway winner was David Wrigley with a straight 5/5. Behind him was a large pack (Derek Blair, Bruce Reed, Tim Wrigley, Jeremy Handley, Dave Foster sr and Peter Crichton) on 3/5. Next came Peter Booker and Phil Taylor on 2/5. Bringing up the rear were Steve Larkin and Dave Foster jr on 1/5. A fun evening and many thanks to Peter C for the mince pies!

Club Championship update

The standings as at 18/12/2013 are:
Dave Foster sr 4/4
Tim Wrigley 4/4
Derek Blair 3/4
Steve Larkin 2.5/4
Dave Foster jr 2/5
Peter Crichton 1.5/2
Jeremy Handley 1.5/3
Bruce Reed 1.5/3
Christine Moorcroft 1.5/5
Damian Rudge 1.5/6
Alex Ashworth 1/1
David Wrigley 1/1
Phil Taylor 1/3
Peter Booker 1/7
Dave Scott 0/2

Bonus points under Phil’s scheme are:
Damian 40.5
Christine 13.0
Bruce 9.5
Peter B 9.0
Steve 6.0
Jeremy 2.0
Peter C 1.5

Tans v Morpeth A


Tans 1-4 Morpeth A

Match played at The Angel, Corbridge on Tue 10th Dec

David Wrigley 0-1 Roger Coathup
Gary Murphy 0-1 Mike Smyth
Dave Weldon ½-½ Les Whittle
Derek Blair ½-½ Alan Welsh
Jeremy Handley 0-1 John Horton

This match was Gary’s debut for Tynedale, but there was little else to cheer.

A hard fought match against a strong Morpeth team, and a scoreline that once again didn’t really reflect the games played.


Gosforth IV v Reivers

This match took place at Gosforth on Monday December 16th, with the following line-up:
1. Joe Chan (u) v Steve Larkin (125)
2. Bob Heyman (123) v Phil Taylor (125)
3. Tony Neville (u) v Dave Foster sr (120)
4. Steve Wilde (113) v Bruce Reed (118)
5. Dave Turner (104) v Damian Rudge (68)
First to finish was Damian, who was very disappointed with the way he played. Leaving it late to castle, he allowed black to pin his queen on his king and emerged a rook down. Game over. 1-0
Dave evened things up, going a pawn ahead, whereafter he kept Tony confined to his own half of the board until the win was assured. 1-1
Phil accepted Bob’s offer of a draw at a point when he (Phil) was a pawn down with no obvious way of making a break-through in quite a complex position. 1.5-1.5
Steve’s game was even until Joe triggered a whole series of exchanges from which Steve emerged with an inferior position. One pawn was going to fall and possibly two more, but leaving a knight unguarded turned a bad position into an untenable one. 1.5-2.5
Bruce likewise had an even game and was pressing with all his heavy artillery, while white defended with the equivalent pieces. Seeking to force the issue, Bruce blundered his queen.3.5-1.5
Having now lost 3 matches out of 5, and with the two strongest sides yet to be faced, the Reivers are definitely not candidates for promotion!

Reivers v Morpeth C

This third division match was played at Corbridge on Tuesday December 3rd, with the following line-up:
1. Steve Larkin (125) v Alan Welsh (138)
2. Dave Foster sr (120) v Harry Robinson (116)
3. Bruce Reed (118) v David Watson (111)
4. Dave Foster jr (91) v R. Junges-Stainthorpe (u)
5. Peter Booker (80) v B.Mole (u)
First to finish was Dave jr who blundered a bishop, after which the game was pretty much over. 0-1
Bruce went a pawn up, but with his queen, rook and knight plus pawns to David’s queen, rook and bishop plus pawns in a very balanced position, he took the draw which David offered. 0.5-1.5
Dave sr’s game was largely even till the end-game, when he got the chance to push two connected passed pawns. He executed the finish to perfection, eliminating black’s final pawn before bringing his king across to ensure that one of his two pawns queened. 1.5-1.5
Steve soon found himself bottled up in his kingside corner, with two rooks and a queen pointing at his king. Time for some desperate defending, till the only option available was to sacrifice knight for pawn in order to defuse the situation. After that, he had counter-play on the queenside with a passed pawn, but his king was fatally exposed to the attentions of two rooks and a bishop and, in time trouble, he failed to find the one move which might have saved him, at least for the time being. 1.5-2.5
Spare a thought for Peter on board 5. He reached the endgame a pawn and the exchange down, but used his queen, rook and bishop to put huge pressure on white’s king. The very complex position required a lot of thought, so pity poor Peter, who found a forced mate in two, only for the flag on his clock to drop before he could complete it! 1.5-3.5
So what was morally a drawn match turned into a second defeat and, with the division’s two strongest sides still to be played, promotion now looks a very distant prospect. Never mind. As they say of the Olympics, it’s the taking part that matters.

Friars v Monarchs


Played at Hallbankgate Mon 2 Dec 2013
Friars H/c res res H/c Monarchs
Jason Maxwell 3 4 0 3 Derek Blair
Chris Royle 3 0 4 3 Jeremy Handley
Alan Hiatt 4 4 0 4 Bruce Reed
Alan Little 9 4 0 6 Dave Foster (jnr)
  19 12 4 16  
    31 20