Club Championship update

The position in the club championship as at the end of February 2014 is as follows:
Dave Foster sr 4/4
Tim Wrigley 4/4
Derek Blair 4/5
Steve Larkin 4/6
Bruce Reed 3.5/6
Peter Crichton 2.5/3
Jeremy Handley 2.5/4
Christine Moorcroft 2.5/7
Phil Taylor 2/4
Dave Foster jr 2/8
Damian Rudge 1.5/8
Peter Booker 1.5/9
Alex Ashworth 1/1
David Wrigley 1/1
Dave Scott 0/2
The grading points differential scheme invented by Phil produces the following table:
Damian 40.5 points
Peter B 31.5
Christine 15
Bruce 9.5
Steve 6
Jeremy 2
Peter C 1.5
A reminder: the first phase of the club championship now has one month to run.

Forest Hall C v Tynedale Reivers

This match was played at Forest Hall on Friday February 21st, with the following line-up:
1. Tania Kisseljov (u) v Alex Ashworth (127)
2. Johnny Wall (47; 85RP) v Dave Foster sr (120)
3. Mark Shone (u) v Steve Larkin (125)
4. Dylan Shone (49RP) v Dave Foster jr (91)
5. Sofia Kisseljov (36 RP) v Damian Rudge (68)
Dave jr and Damian were first to finish, both having very comfortable wins over very young opponents. Mark Shone, father of Dylan, made Steve work hard for a win which came only on move 38, after Steve had weathered a torrid kingside attack. Dave sr went a piece up in the O’Kelly variation of the Sicilian but, sensing that his opponent was more than capable of retrieving the situation and being anxious to preserve his unbeaten record in the league this season, he accepted the draw when it was offered. All these games were over in less than 90 minutes, which left Alex sweating it out on board one in a game which must have come close to setting a record for the fewest moves recorded in a three-hour game. In a very dense middle-game position, both players were thinking long and hard, and eventually Alex lost on time a game he felt he should have won.
So the Reivers notched up their first win since beating Forest Hall B back in October 2013. But Forest Hall are to be congratulated on their sterling work in attracting no fewer than twelve junior members (plus a mum and a dad) and in ensuring that they get experience of league matches. If every club did as much, chess in the north-east would be thriving!

Angels v Friars

Played at The Angel, Corbridge Tue 17 Feb 2014
Angels H/c res res H/c Friars
Peter Crichton 3 4 0 3 Jason Maxwell
Phil Taylor 4 0 4 3 Chris Royle
Alex Ashworth 4 0 4 4 Alan Hiatt
Peter Booker 7 0 4 5 Bruce Wallace
  18 4 12 15  
    22 27    

Trojans v Tans

Tynemouth Trojans v Tynedale Tans
Played in Tynemouth Tue 11 Feb 2014
Alan Harvey ½-½ David Wrigley
David Henderson 1-0 Gary Murphy
Mick Riding 0-1 Dave Weldon
Gary Cornwall ½-½ Peter Crichton
Darren Laws 1-0 Bruce Reed

Angels v Austins



Angels v Austins played at Corbridge – Tue 4 Feb 2014
Angels H/c res res H/c Austins
Peter Crichton 3 4 0 1 G Glover
Phil Taylor 4 0 4 4 C Millar
Alex Ashworth 4 4 0 5 B Hardwick
Peter Booker 7 0 4 6 D Millar
  18 8 8 16  
    26 24