Tans v Newcastle


The Tans recorded their first match point of the season with an excellent draw against a tough Newcastle side.

Peter Crichton and David Wrigley both held their opponents well with the black pieces, whilst Jeremy Handley came unstuck against Mike McBeth.

The Tans were soon back on level terms, however, as Derek Blair powered past Andy Robinson with a scintillating sacrificial attack

Dave Weldon and Gary Murphy found themselves in a fairly level rook ending with the clocks ticking down and peace broke out.

Tynedale Tans 2½-2½ Newcastle
David Wrigley ½-½ John Wheeler (171)
Dave Weldon ½-½ Gary Murphy (165)
Jeremy Handley 0-1 Michael McBeth (160)
Derek Blair 1-0 Andrew Robinson (154)
Peter Crichton ½-½ Paul Costello (146)

Morpeth A v Tans

Morpeth A v Tynedale Tans – 28 Nov 2012 

With David Wrigley absent the Tans struggled at Morpeth and went down 4-1. The result does not reflect the good games, but the truth is we were well beaten.

First to finish was Peter Crichton, who accepted an early draw from John Horton. ½-½

 Second was Tim, if not out of his depth, then certainly in deep water. Mike Smyth showed him how to take advantage of passive play and Tim lost without having made any serious errors. I need to learn how to play against Nf3. 1½-½

 Third to finish was Derek, who lost to Les Whittle. At the end Derek was Bishop & 2 pawns against Les with Bishop & 4 pawns and Les confidently pushed his central pawns to finish the game. 2½-½

Fourth was Dave Weldon, playing White for the first time against Roger Coathup. The previous 43 meeting between them have all been with Roger as white. The clock played a significant part here as Dave had a Rook & 2 pawns against Rook & 3 pawns, which would be tricky to hold, without the added pressure of a rapidly ticking clock. 2½-½

By far the most interesting game was Phil Eastlake & Jeremy Handley. After a Queens Gambit accepted, Jeremy ended up with Bishop & pawn against Knight & 2 pawns. As Phil tried to shepherd his pawns home Jeremy’s Rook’s pawn made a dash for freedom. I suspect nuances were missed in desperate time trouble, but the game ended when Phil’s Knight took the Jeremy’ last pawn. leaving only a Knight & Kings on the board . Phil had 4 seconds left at the end, Jeremy about two minutes. 

Roger Coathup 1-0 David Weldon
Mike Smyth 1-0 Tim Wrigley
Phil Eastlake ½-½ Jeremy Handley
Les Whittle 1-0 Derek Blair
John Horton ½-½ Peter Crichton

Monarch v Friars

Tue 20-Nov-12 HC Res Res HC  
Monarchs   26 22   Friars
Derek Blair 2 0 4 2 George Glover
Dave Foster Sr 4 0 4 3 Daniel O’Dowd
AlexAshworth 5 4 0 4 Dave Jackson
Dave Foster Jr (Mon) 7 4 0 5 Bill Burgess
Monarchs Total 18 8 8 14 Friars Total

Austins v Dyvels

Austins v Dyvels

The evening started badly, we were ten minutes late starting because of an misunderstanding. Then we were treated to an eccentric lorry driver, who was either tired or drunk and seemed to want both sides of the A69. Just as Peter Crichton overtook the mad lorry driver, the police stopped us at Greenhead, because of an accident near Low Row. We tried a diversion through Gilsland, but had to turn back to Greenhead, and take the back roads via Lambley to Halton Lea Gate and then Hallbankgate.

It would nice to say that the evening improved, but Peter Crichton apart, the team continued in disaster mode. Tim played an English Opening, but after a promising opening, started going backwards and lost rapidly to Chris Royle. 1-0 to Austins. Next to finish was Phil Taylor, who caught the sharp end of a Bill Hardwick attack, and lost one of those open games where either side could have won. Bill managed to position a crucial knight where it stopped Phil’s pieces while supporting his attack. 2-0 to Austins. Peter Booker played Drew Millar, and played the black side of an English Opening. I’ve seen the scoresheet, and would describe it as an odd game where neither side took much notice of what the other was doing. This continued right to the end when Drew managed to rescue a lost position with a 2 move mate, just as Peter was looking really good. 3-0 to Austins. This left Peter Crichton trying to avoid a whitewash, Peter says Last night was indeed a night to be forgotten although I had a small silver lining: Bruce Wallace played a Benko Gambit against me but was never able to gain the compensating initiative that usually follows from the sacrificed pawn and, in time pressure, ended up succumbing to my advancing  a and b pawns. It was the third time that this defence has been played against me in the last couple of months and the first occasion where I have managed to gain a point.”

 As well as losing 3-1 (or 12-4) across the board we lost 19-17 on handicap, giving a final score of 31-21.

Reivers bashed

The Reivers’ opponents at the Dyvels on Tuesday Nov 13th were Gosforth Regents, who arrived with the unimpressive record of 3 defeats in 3 matches, but a pretty strong-looking side. The line-up was

1. Phil Taylor (126) v Noel Boustred (136)

2. Bruce Reed (121) v Ted Jarah (129)

3. Steve Larkin (107) v Kristian Mills (126)

4. Karl Skowronski (u) v Steve Wilde (125)

5. Peter Booker (77)  v  Brian Ord (82)

No doubt about the hero of the night. Karl had embarked on a club championship game with Dave Foster junior, having been assured that, as reserve, he was not required for the match. When Alex Ashworth failed to turn up, Karl was obliged to abandon his game and dive straight into a tough match with black on board 4 (and Dave F jr very sportingly agreed to keep Karl’s scoresheet for him). Unperturbed, Karl rattled off the moves at a great rate to reach an ending where he had a queen and five pawns against Steve’s rook, bishop and one pawn. It looked a very tricky proposition, but Karl just kept checking and checking till eventually Steve slipped, dropped his rook and resigned. That would have been an impressive performance from a man half Karl’s age! 1-0

Alas, after that moment of glory, it was downhill all the way. On top board, Phil just wasn’t in the mood. He writes: “Noel is graded 136 but that shouldn’t have been a problem for an up-and-coming board one like me. He played an opening I was not too familiar with (e4+f4+g3) and I soon made a simple error through not giving the whole position much thought. After going knight to pawn down I adopted a devil-may-care approach and actually didn’t do too badly. The problem with moving quickly and in such a cavalier fashion is that it is easy to miss an opportunity. I missed the chance to equalize and three moves later was pinned back and had to resign.” 1-1

On board 3, Steve faced the London opening and proved his own worst enemy. First he miscalculated to drop his d pawn and then proceeded to gift his f pawn to Kristian, who remorselessly punished such slapdash play, bottling up Steve’s king, bishop and rook in a totally unproductive corner, before forcing the removal of the rook, aided and abetted by more stupid play. Oh dear, oh dear! 1-2

Bruce dropped a pawn early on and saw another pawn doubled. But while Ted held this slight advantage, Bruce’s position was solid and much manoeuvring on both sides produced a position where each side was a mirror of the other. With time fast running out, it looked as thought it might end in a draw, but Ted managed to force a passed pawn which could not be stopped and Bruce resigned. 1-3

Which left Peter gamely battling on till his clock dropped, albeit in a lost position. Brian had 3 connected passed pawns and there was no way Peter was going to stop them, but along the way he had given Brian plenty to think about and the issue had been in doubt until the very last stages. 1-4

Overall, a drubbing which left at least some of us feeling bruised and wishing we had the skills of a 95 year-old!

Old Website – Bulletins & Games

Bad news I’m afraid. BT have withdrawn the free web space that I used for the old Tynedale Website. This does not affect the current website, but does mean that old archive of games & Steve’s bulletins are not available online.
I have a copy of the old website on my PC, so none of it is actually lost and I can put it on a CD for anyone who wants it.