Tynedale in final!

On Friday August 22nd, a Tynedale quartet travelled to Forest Hall to play the semi-final of the summer knockout plate competition. The line-up was as follows:

1. Martin Seeber (158) v Tim Wrigley (142)

2. Mike Smith (142)      v Jeremy Handley (137)

3. Sophie Seeber (128) v Steve Larkin (125)

4, Keith Brooks (117)    v Phil Taylor (125)

As both teams fell into the intermediate category, there were no handicap points, but in the event of a drawn match over the board, Tynedale would win by virtue of their lower total of grading points.

Phil got us off to the best of starts, pressuring Keith and going the exchange and a pawn up. In a tense game, Keith got the exchange back but was under extreme time pressure and his clock dropped while Phil still had 50 minutes left! 0-1

Steve was next to finish after rather tamely offering Sophie a draw in what was probably a won position. With just 3.5 minutes left on his clock to Sophie’s 7.5 and with errors creeping into his play as well as hers, it seemed the wisest thing to do and Sophie needed no persuading. 0.5-1.5

Jeremy had a very close tussle throughout with Mike and the two settled on a draw when neither had much time on the clock and there was no obvious way to achieve a decisive advantage. 1-2

Tim’s game was something of a rearguard action, keeping at bay a strong kingside attack by Martin. Tim stuck to his guns and held the position and a draw was agreed. 1.5-2.5

So Tynedale won over the board without needing to take account of their lower grading total! Another fine result against a stronge (just) side.