Dyvels fixtures

Tue 30 Oct Dyvels 31-27 HaydonBridge
Mon 19 Nov Austins 31-21 Dyvels
Tue 27 Nov Dyvels 17-27 Friars
Tue 18 Dec Monarchs 19-23 Dyvels
Tue 29 Jan Dyvels 22-22 Monarchs
Thu 07 Feb Haydon Bridge 33-23 Dyvels
Tue 05 Mar Dyvels 30-23 Austins
Mon 08 Apr Friars 19-17 Dyvels

Monarchs Fixtures

Mon 26 Nov Austins 23-24 Monarchs
Tue 20 Nov Monarchs 26-22 Friars
Thu 13 Dec Haydon Bridge 24-27 Monarchs
Tue 18 Dec Monarchs 19-23 Dyvels
Tue 29 Jan Dyvels 22-22 Monarchs
Tue 09 Apr Monarchs 27-24 Austins
Mon 11 Feb Friars 27-21 Monarchs
Tue 12 Mar Monarchs 29-23 Haydon Bridge

Northumberland Congress 2012

Five members of the club took part in the 48th Northumberland Chess Congress at the Parks Leisure Centre in North Shields on September 21-23, 2012.

David Wrigley was our only entry in the Open, where he was seeded 22nd of the 23 entries. He took a bye on the Friday night, lost to Pratik Shriwas (grade 203) of Middlesborough and to Christopher Izod (163) of Jesmond on the Saturday, and to Ron Plater (174) on the Sunday, before rounding off the weekend with a draw against Raymond Illett (171) of Peterborough, to finish on 1/5. It’s tough in the Open!

Peter Crichton flew the flag for us in the Major (165 and under), where he was seeded 20th of the 21 entries. On Friday he lost to Richard Parry (158) of Bushbury. On Saturday he lost to Dean Hartley (148) of Amber valley, then beat Ian McKay (140) of Austin Friars. On Sunday he drew with top seed Kevin Shaw (164) of Yarmouth, a fine result in a game which went to the wire, then took a bye to go and watch Newcastle United. 2/5

We had 3 entrants amongst the 43 in the Minor (135 and under), Phil Taylor being seeded 14th, Bruce Reed 18th and Steve Larkin 32nd. On the Friday Phil beat Graham Marshall (96) of Hartlepool. On the Saturday he drew with Stephen LeFevre (133) of Cosham and with David Stewardson (130) of Leam Lane. On Sunday he lost to Stan Johnson (119) of South Shields (to spare Phil’s blushes I shall not go into details!), then bounced back with a draw against top seed Graham Matthews (135) for a score of 2.5/5.

Bruce beat Andrew McCulloch (93) from Scotland on the Friday. On the Saturday he lost to Peter Ridsdale (133) of Great Ayton and beat Lex Thomson, ungraded, of South Shields. On Sunday he lost to Ted Jarah (129) and then, like Peter, went to watch Newcastle United. 2.5/5

Steve took a bye on the Friday. On Saturday he drew with David Ramsey (124) of Preston and with Geoffrey Garnett (119) of Elmwood. On Sunday he beat Brian Kerr (131) and lost to Richard Oxnard (133) of Tynemouth. 2.5/5

So none of us covered ourselves in glory but we all had a good time and will doubtless be back for more!

Northumbria League Fixtures

Please note that the offical fixture list is maintained on the NCA Website
League Division 1
Date   Home team   Away team
Tue 09 Oct 2012   Tynedale Tans    2-3 Tynemouth Castles
Tue 23 Oct 2012   Leam Lane Aces 3½-1½ Tynedale Tans
Tue 06 Nov 2012   Tynedale Tans 2½-2½ Newcastle
Wed 28 Nov 2012   Morpeth A   4-1 Tynedale Tans
Tue 04 Dec 2012   Tynedale Tans   2-3 Gosforth Empire
Tue 15 Jan 2013   Tynedale Tans 1½-3½ Durham City
Mon 28 Jan 2013   Gateshead A 3½-1½ Tynedale Tans
Fri 08 Feb 2013   Jesmond Rookies  ½-4½ Tynedale Tans
Tue 26 Feb 2013   Tynedale Tans 2½-2½ Tynemouth Trojans
Mon 11 Mar 2013   Tynemouth Hobbits   2-3 Tynedale Tans
Tue 26 Mar 2013   Tynedale Tans   2-3 Jesmond Knights
League Division 2
Date   Home team   Away team
Tue 02 Oct 2012   Tynedale Reivers   3-2 Tynemouth Warriors
Wed 17 Oct 2012   Morpeth B   3-2 Tynedale Reivers
Wed 31 Oct 2012 * Tynedale Reivers 2½-2½ Alnwick
Tue 13 Nov 2012   Tynedale Reivers   1-4 Gosforth Regents
Tue 11 Dec 2012   Tynedale Reivers   2-3 Forest Hall B
Fri 08 Feb 2013   Jesmond Wasps   3-2 Tynedale Reivers
Tue 19 Feb 2013   Tynedale Reivers   3-2 Gateshead Knights
Tue 26 Feb 2013   Newcastle University   3-2 Tynedale Reivers
Wed 13 Apr 2013   Forest Hall A   2-3 Tynedale Reivers
Tue 19 Mar 2013   Tynedale Reivers   4-1 South Shields B
Tue 02 Apr 2013   Leam Lane Comets   3-2 Tynedale Reivers
Tue 16 Apr 2013   Tynedale Reivers   4-1 Jesmond Sharks
Thu 18 Apr 2013   South Shields A   2-3 Tynedale Reivers
    * At Morpeth    


Tynedale Chess Club Auction
This is an internal auction, intended for Tynedale Members only, though if other parties do bid we will consider them.
Bids should be sent to either Peter Crichton or Tim Wrigley before the end of September. The numbers are Lot Numbers. Note that the computer software & chess computers are sold as seen though we will accept returns, ie money back if you can’t make them work.
B1 – Great Brilliancy Prize Games of the Chess Masters – Fred Reinfeld
B2 – Play for Mate – David Hooper & Bernard Cafferty
B3 – Winning Chess – Raymond Keene
B4 – All About Chess – I.A. Horowitz
B5 – Chess for Tigers – Simon Webb
B6 – Chess Delights – Comins Mansfields
B7 – Warriors of the Mind – Raymond Keene & Nathan Divinsky
B8 – The Chess Player’s Bedside Book – Raymond Keene & Raymond Edwards
B9 -The Master Game – Jeremy James & Leonard Barden
B10 – The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings – Reuben Fine
B11 – Learn Chess [Winning Methods] – C.H. O’D Alexander & T.J. Beach
B12 – Winning Chess – Irving Chernov & Fred Reinfeld
B13 – An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player – Raymond Keene & David Levy
B14 – The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played – Irving Chernov
B15 – Modern Chess Openings [11th Edition] – Walter Korn
B16 – World Chess Champions – E.G. Winter
B17 – The World of Chess – Anthony Saidy & Norman Lessing
B18 – The Times Chess [CD-ROM]
B19 – Copies of Chess Magazine in Binder 1991 & 1999
B20 – Blunders & Brilliancies – Ian Mullen & Moe Moss
B21 – Logical Chess: Move by Move – Irving Chernev
B22 – The King Hunt – John Nunn & William Cozens
B23 – Schach fur Kinder – Deutsch von Ursula Bischoff
B24 – The Art of the Middle Game – Paul Keres & Alexander Kotov
B25 – Modern Chess Openings – Walter Korn (11th edition) – 1972
B26 – Batsford Chess Openings – Gary Kasparov & Raymond Keene
B27 – Modern Chess Strategy – Edward Lasker
B28 – Chess Openings for Black, explained – Lev Albert
B29 – Encyclopedia of Chess Middlegames / combinations
B30 – The Inner Game – Dominic Lawson
B31 – It’s your move – Chris Ward
Chess Computers
C1 – Fritz 9 – DVD (Licence key included but status not clear)
C2 – Chess King
C3 – Excellence – Model EP12
C4 – Designer 2000 – Model 6105
M1 – Board with 2.5 cm squares
M2 – Board with 2 cm squares
M3 – Set of Plastic chess men Pieces 7 cm kings although one king has lost its cross)
M4 – We have 50 copies of Chess Magazine dated roughly 2006-2009, with a few duplicate copies. Please enter bids for 12 copies, and enter 4 bids if you want all 50.