Pre-Christmas rapid-play

Nine members took part in this event, held on Tuesday December 16th 2014. The plan was to play five rounds of 30-minute each (15 minutes for each player), but the action was so fast and furious that two extra rounds proved possible. Peter Crichton timed his effort to perfection, recording a leading score of 4.5 after five rounds. Alas, he garnered only half a point in the two extra rounds and was duly overtaken. Derek Blair started his campaign in rather cavalier fashion, saying goodbye to his queen on move 5 of his first game, against Steve Larkin. However, he responded to that setback in the best possible fashion by winning his next six games, to record 6/7. Steve, who organised the event, benefitted from Derek’s blunder and from a bye in round 2, but dropped a point against Bruce Reed in round 3. However, he won his remaining four games to finish, like Derek, on 6/7. So the two Riding Millers carried off the prizes (two bottles of wine donated by Phil Taylor and by Steve), with Phil Taylor (5.5 points), Peter Crichton (5 points) and Bruce Reed (4.5 points) in hot pursuit. Behind them came Alex Ashworth and Matthew Taylor (nice to welcome him back for his annual fix of chess) on 3 points, while Dave Foster jr and Peter Booker brought up the rear with one point each. An evening of pleasure for some and pain for others, in short a typical chess evening!
A Happy Christmas and a successful New Year to all our readers (if there are any out there)!

Reivers v Forest Hall Rockets

This match was played at Forest Hall on Friday Dec 12th, with the following line-up:
1. John Wall sr (124) v Derek Blair (135)
2. Mark Broughton (67RP) v Bruce Reed (106)
3. John Wall jr (96) v Steve Larkin (107)
4. Steve Black (u) v Dave Foster jr (84)
5. Dylan Shone (34) v Damian Rudge (65)
On the face of it, the Reivers looked to be on a winning wicket here, but the reality proved otherwise.
Damian got us off to a good start with a brisk victory over young Dylan, who was, in Daman’s words, “all attack and no defence”. 0-1
Dave’s opponent played really quickly and perhaps this unsettled him for, after going a pawn up from the opening, he blundered first a knight and then a rook. He played on to the bitter end, but there was no way he could make up the material deficit. 1-1
Bruce’s game was a Queen’s Gambit. Mark consistently opted to exchange pieces, then made a bishop sacrifice with a mating threat. Bruce survived but was now 2 pawns down in a rook and 4 versus rook and 6 ending. However, he won back the 2 pawn deficit and, in a position where repetition was the order of the day, Mark offered the draw which Bruce accepted. 1.5-1.5
Derek played a Torre opening but lost a pawn on move 14, then another on deciding to be more aggressive. He had some chances on preventing John from castling, but John’s centralised king and rooks gave him a superior position once the queens came off. 2.5-1.5
So the outcome of the match hinged on Steve’s game. A closely contested Sicilian saw Johnny emerge with a pawn advantage, but Steve had 3 pieces pressurising Johnny’s f-pawn and this meant that Johnny’s major pieces were tied to e defensive role. The position became increasingly static, but there was no weakness in Johnny’s defence and a draw was agreed. 3-2
So the Rockets confirm their surprise position at the top of the division, while the Reivers sink ever further into the murky depths at the bottom end!

monarchs v friars

Name                                       H/C         Res       Res            H/C          Name

D Wrigley                                1               4            0                2               J.Maxwell

P Crichton                               3               2           2                 2               P.Rivers

D.Blair                                      3               4           0                4               B. Wallace

D.Foster Jnr                            7               0           4                5               B.Burgess


HB v Monarchs

Name                              H/C            RESULT            H/C            RESULT                 Name


I.maccay                      3                            4                    3                 0                             P.Crichton

C.Moorcroft               6( 7)                            4                    3                 0                             D.Blair

D.Rudge                      8                            4                    7                 0                             D.foster


18                            12                   13                 0


Match Result              Haydon Bridge 30   v 13    Monarchs


Well done Haydon bridge for a goood win and advantageous Handicap    as they only needed to win one gamewell played

Angels v Friars


Played at Haydon Bridge Tue 2 Dec 2014
Angels H/c res Res H/c Friars
Tim Wrigley 2 4 0 2 Jason Maxwell
Jeremy Handley 3 4 0 3 Alan Hiatt
Bruce Reed 5 4 0 4 Bruce Wallace
Peter Booker 8 2 2 5 Bill Burgess
18 14 2 14
32 16