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Pre-Christmas rapid-play

Nine members took part in this event, held on Tuesday December 16th 2014. The plan was to play five rounds of 30-minute each (15 minutes for each player), but the action was so fast and furious that two extra rounds proved possible. Peter Crichton timed his effort to perfection, recording a leading score of 4.5 after five rounds. Alas, he garnered only half a point in the two extra rounds and was duly overtaken. Derek Blair started his campaign in rather cavalier fashion, saying goodbye to his queen on move 5 of his first game, against Steve Larkin. However, he responded to that setback in the best possible fashion by winning his next six games, to record 6/7. Steve, who organised the event, benefitted from Derek’s blunder and from a bye in round 2, but dropped a point against Bruce Reed in round 3. However, he won his remaining four games to finish, like Derek, on 6/7. So the two Riding Millers carried off the prizes (two bottles of wine donated by Phil Taylor and by Steve), with Phil Taylor (5.5 points), Peter Crichton (5 points) and Bruce Reed (4.5 points) in hot pursuit. Behind them came Alex Ashworth and Matthew Taylor (nice to welcome him back for his annual fix of chess) on 3 points, while Dave Foster jr and Peter Booker brought up the rear with one point each. An evening of pleasure for some and pain for others, in short a typical chess evening!
A Happy Christmas and a successful New Year to all our readers (if there are any out there)!


I have archived this webiste to In due course a link to this website will appear, and all old fixtures & results will be replaced with fixtures for 2014-2015.

Upcoming events

Sheffield chess congress June 27-29
South Tyne rapidplay Haydon Bridge July 6th
Chester le Street chess congress August 15-17
Harrogate chess congress September 12-14
Northumberland chess congress September 26-28
Scarborough chess congress October 24-26
I have details of all these events if anyone requires further information.

Gilroy update

Now that this event has run its course, here is a brief summary of my part, as an also-ran, in the competition. Eleven of us took part, my grade being the seventh highest. My round one opponent was the highest graded of the lot, Dave Stebbings, on 137. He blundered in a winning position and presented me with my first point. In round two I played Stan Johnson for the second time in two days and for the second time we drew. My next opponent was Jeff Bentham. As with Stan, this was a tough game which ended in a draw. So far so good, but then the rot set in. Chris Smith launched a speculative sacrificial attack against my castled king. I could and should have seen it off but failed to do so and paid the price. Then came a long, hard and – until the final few moves – even game with Bob Heyman, which I lost on time. By now I was out of the running and so received a full point bye in round six. My final opponent was Dave Mear, who nearly swept me off the board in the opening but then lost his way. I gained the initiative but could not find a way of making my advantage decisive, so we agreed a draw. This left me on 3.5/7, which sounds OK, but in terms of games actually played it was 2.5/6, which is less than my minimum 50% target. However, as this event and the South Lakes Congress have shown, getting 50% in events where the grading band is 135 and below is, for me, a tall order. Will I be competing in these two events next year? Who knows. But remember the saying: Hope springs eternal!

Christmas rapidplay

Twelve members took part in a five-round rapidplay (15 minutes each) event at the club on Tuesday Dec 17th. Runaway winner was David Wrigley with a straight 5/5. Behind him was a large pack (Derek Blair, Bruce Reed, Tim Wrigley, Jeremy Handley, Dave Foster sr and Peter Crichton) on 3/5. Next came Peter Booker and Phil Taylor on 2/5. Bringing up the rear were Steve Larkin and Dave Foster jr on 1/5. A fun evening and many thanks to Peter C for the mince pies!