Tynemouth B v Tans


Tynemouth B v Tans
Played at Spring Gardens Tue 3 Mar 2015
Dave Jarema 0-1 Andy Lawson
Dave Hair 0-1 David Wrigley
Keith Rockett ½-½ Gary Murphy
Dave Mear 0-1 Jeremy Handley
Ray Garside ½-½ Peter Crichton

Friars v Monarchs


Played at Hallbankgate Mon 2 Mar 2015
Friars H/c res Res H/c Monarchs
Jason Maxwell 2 4 0 1 David Wrigley
Paul Rivers 2 0 4 3 Derek Blair
Akan Hiatt 3 4 0 5 Steve Larkin
Bruce Wallace 4 4 0 7 Dave Foster Jnr
11 12 4 16
23 20


Alnwick v Reivers

This fixture took place at Morpeth on Wednesday March 4th with the following line-up:
1. G. Ellames (147) v Jeremy Handley (144)
2. R. Firth (123) v Derek Blair (135)
3. J. Pharoah (116) v Phil Taylor (115)
4. V. Cowley (u) v Steve Larkin (107)
5. C. Cox (37) v Peter Booker (77)
A quick finish on top board where Jeremy was so focussed on his own plans that he failed to spot a pawn check leading inevitably to the loss of his queen. He resigned on move 14. 1-0
On board 5 Peter, who was comfortably ahead, was likewise so engrossed in his own strategy that he allowed his opponent back into the game. Fortunately he was able to retrieve the situation and his opponent resigned when faced by a barrage of passed pawns. 1-1
Steve’s game should have been a straightforward win against a weak opponent, but it came down to a rook and pawns ending with Steve holding just a one pawn advantage. It took him forever to queen a pawn and force mate. 1-2
Phil likewise went into a rook and pawns ending one pawn up, but while his king was in the corner of the board, James’s was in the centre supporting a passed pawn. The pawn queened, obliging Phil to sacrifice his rook, and he resigned shortly afterwards when it was clear that he could not stop a second pawn from queening. 2-2
With the match result hinging on this game, Derek found himself in a complex position which was materially even but where he was very much on the defensive, as well as being down on time, so when the offer of a draw came he was happy to accept it. 2.5-2.5
So with one match point, the Reivers remain in 4th place in division 3, half a point behind Alnwick but with a game in hand (this was Alnwick’s last match of the season, while the Reivers have still to play South Shields B), so a third place finish is a distinct possibility.

Open Cumbria chess championships

This event was held on Feb 27th, 28th and March 1st at Eamont Bridge and two club members took part. In the Major (under 150) Peter Crichton was 9th highest graded of the 18 entries, while Steve Larkin was third highest graded of the 8 entries in the Minor (under 125).

Peter took a bye in round 1, then defeated Dave McMath (Penrith 147) in round 2 after Dave had earlier declined Peter’s offer of a draw! In round 3 he defeated M Gawne (Barrow 143) who went astray in the opening. So at the end of day 2 Peter shared the lead with one other. In round 4 he drew with G. Horne (Barrow 148) and shared the lead with 3 other players. In the final round all four players on 3 were in action against each other. Peter drew with F. Whalley (Barrow 145) to finish second equal with Whalley, a fine performance given that 8 players were ranked above him.

In the Minor, Steve faced P. Hanks (Ulverston 67) in round 1 and was looking forward to an early finish. In fact the game lasted 3 hours 20 minutes and went to 69 moves before Steve squeezed a win. Round 2 was another 3 hours 20 minutes affair, this time against Kurt Moreby (Gosforth 121) whom Steve eventually mated on move 44. In round 3 Steve played J. Grave (Penrith 104) and this was the last game of the round to finish, with Grave’s clock falling on move 63 when Steve had a winning position on the board. So at the end of day 2 Steve was on 3/3, one point clear of the field. Round 4 brought an unfortunate administrative slip when Steve was paired with a player who it turned out had requested a bye for that round. The only solution, given that all other players were already 30 minutes into a game, was to give Steve a full point bye, which meant that, with 4/4, he could not be caught, his nearest pursuers being on 2.5/4. In the final round he faced the ungraded Tom Bradfield of Haydon Bridge, returning to chess after a 30 year break. Tom played skilfully from the outset and it was soon clear that Steve was never going to get more than a draw, which he did. So he finished on 4.5/5, one point clear of Moreby and Grave.

And so ended a very successful weekend for the Tynedale duo.