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Morpeth A v Tans

 Sadly the Tans fine start to the season came to an abrupt halt against Morpeth A last night.
Match played at Morpeth on 29 Oct 2014
Roger Coathup 0-1 Andy Lawson
Mike Smyth 1-0 David Weldon
Bob Mitcheson 1-0 Tim Wrigley
James Turner 1-0 Jeremy Handley
Les Whittle 1-0 Derek Blair
Morpeth A 4-1 Tynedale Tans

Tans v Durham City

Tuesday 14/10/14
Tynedale Tans 4-1 Durham City
Andy Lawson 1-0 Thomas Eggleston
Dave Weldon ½-½ Ken Neat
David Wrigley 1-0 George Gazis
Peter Crichton ½-½ Paul Robson
Derek Blair 1-0 Richard Putnam

The Tans start with a bang, beating the reigning Champions!

Tans v Regents



Tans v Gosforth Regents
Played at Corbridge Tue 18 Mar 2014
David Wrigley ½-½ Paul Sumner
Dave Weldon 1-0 Andy Robinson
Gary Murphy ½-½ Paul Costello
Jeremy Handley 1-0 Dave Stebbings
Derek Blair ½-½ Martin Beardsley


Tans v J Leam Lane Aces



Tans v Jesmond Leam Lane Aces
Played at Corbridge Tue 26 Feb 2014
David Wrigley 0-1 David Walker
Dave Weldon ½-½ Kyrill Gara
Gary Murphy ½-½ Norman Soloman
Jeremy Handley 0-1 Chris Wardler
Peter Crichton 0-1 Steven Aitchison

Trojans v Tans

Tynemouth Trojans v Tynedale Tans
Played in Tynemouth Tue 11 Feb 2014
Alan Harvey ½-½ David Wrigley
David Henderson 1-0 Gary Murphy
Mick Riding 0-1 Dave Weldon
Gary Cornwall ½-½ Peter Crichton
Darren Laws 1-0 Bruce Reed

Rookies v Tans

Jesmond Rookies v Tynedale Tans
Played at British Legion, Jesmond Fri 17 Jan 2014
Charlie Storey A-A # Dave Weldon
Zheming Zhang 1-0 Tim Wrigley
Joe Dalton 1-0 Jeremy Handley
James Moreby 1-0 Derek Blair
Robert Archer 1-0 Peter Crichton

# – The outcome of this game is subject to an appeal

Tans v Morpeth A


Tans 1-4 Morpeth A

Match played at The Angel, Corbridge on Tue 10th Dec

David Wrigley 0-1 Roger Coathup
Gary Murphy 0-1 Mike Smyth
Dave Weldon ½-½ Les Whittle
Derek Blair ½-½ Alan Welsh
Jeremy Handley 0-1 John Horton

This match was Gary’s debut for Tynedale, but there was little else to cheer.

A hard fought match against a strong Morpeth team, and a scoreline that once again didn’t really reflect the games played.