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Angels v Monarchs

Played at The Angel, Corbridge Tue 14 Jan 2014
Angels H/c res res H/c Monarchs
David Wrigley 1 4 0 3 Derek Blair
Tim Wrigley 3 0 4 3 Jeremy Handley
Peter Crichton 3 2 2 4 Steve Larkin
Peter Booker 7 4 0 6 Dave Foster Jnr
14 10 6 16
24 22

Angels fixtures

Regretably we have had to postpone two Angels fixtures.

The home match against Haydon Bridge, originally scheduled for 28 Oct, is now to be played on Tue 21 Jan

The home match against Austins, scheduled for 19 Nov, was also postponed, and we do not yet have a new date.

Friars v Angels

Friars v Angels

The handicaps did the Angels no favours at Hallbankgate on Monday night. We started off 6 points down, and so need to win 3-1 across the boards, which seemed a little harsh.

Pairings were as follows

Jason Maxwell v David Wrigley
Chris Royle v Tim Wrigley
Bruce Wallace v Peter Crichton
Alan Little v Peter Booker

So score was 20-14 before we even start.

Tim Wrigley & Peter Booker finished almost simultaneously, Tim winning and Peter losing.

Tim writes “What a difference a week makes, last week I was taken apart by Paul Robson of Durham, whereas on Monday night, it felt I could do no wrong. I was playing the back side of a French in both cases, but that was the only thing in common. Chris put his Queen on b3 early in the game, it looked a plausible move, but quickly became a target, he lost a piece, and with it the game.”

Peter Booker’s game was a  Queen’s Gambit declined, with Peter having black. Perer writes “On Monday, against Alan Little, the game was fairly even until late on.
He opened with
Queens gambit which I declined with c6. We had a little
mid-field cavalry skirmish but no real advantage either way. After some
further exchanges which reduced the forces fairly evenly, we entered and
end game with Alan having a queenside pawn advantage. With only queens
and pawns on the board, he pressed on with his pawns. My king  was stuck
in the wrong corner and to exchange queens would have been curtains. I
chased his king around the board, hoping for an opening but none came
and instead he was able to link up with queen and pawns and I was unable
to prevent the breakthrough.”

24-18, and the Angels need 2 more wins

Both were interesting games and went the full distance.

David had the best of the game all the way through, and was disappointed not to have taken opportunities that were there all the way through. He ended up two pawns up in rook and pawn ending, but had an awkward passed pawn to deal with and was grateful for a draw at the end. All credit to Jason who defended a difficult position very well.

Peter Crichton’s game against Bruce Wallace finished with a king and five pawns each ending, with all kinds of subtleties. I think both sides would have been happy to take a draw, but with the match depending on a win for the Angels, they carried on. Both sides had to be wary of stepping outside the “defensive square”. Bruce was distracted by Peter’s h pawn, but managed to deal with the h pawn and then scramble back across to stop the a pawn as well. Bruce just managed to push his king in to the corner, and as Peter had no other pawns a draw was agreed.

Final result was 28 -22 to Friars

Played at Hallbankgate Mon 21 Oct 2013
Friars H/c res res H/c Angels
Jason Maxwell 3 2 2 1 David Wrigley
Chris Royle 3 0 4 3 Tim Wrigley
Bruce Wallace 5 2 2 3 Peter Crichton
Alan Little 9 4 0 7 Peter Booker
20 8 8 14
28 22

Monarchs v Angels

First match of the new season saw the Monarchs playing the renamed Dyvels (now Angels).After a friendly pre-match discussion it was agreed that Jeremy could play on board 1 with Derek on board 2, although Derek’s grade is a few points higher than Jeremy’s.

The match started with a one point (16-15) handicap lead to the Monarchs.

First to finish were David and Jeremy.

David and Jeremy played a Modern Defence, as usual for 4 moves, until Jeremy wasted two tempi on Q side development. David returned the favour, wasting 3 more tempi, which left Jeremy with a convincing centre breakthrough and initiative. David struggled for a while, and was happy to accept a forced draw by perpetual check.

(18-17) on handicap

Second to finish were David Foster Jnr & Peter Booker.

Peter played much of the game the exchange & a pawn down, but had a kingside initiative on the g file. Sadly Peter says he missed promoting a pawn that would have won the game. One that got away, but no doubt Dave  tells a different story.

(22-17) on handicap, looking good for the Monarchs, one more draw needed.

Phil says “Not much to report on our game. As always with Bruce & my d4 opening I always expect a tough game. I was a little more aggressive than usual but Fritz analysis afterwards showed that the game, for all its complexities was fairly even. The only slight advantage I had was time – and so, just as the board was beginning to clear a little, Bruce’s flag fell.

There was one point at a late stage in the game when Bruce could have gone the exchange up (Rook for Knight) but with a dwindling clock it would have been hard to find.

All in all I think I was lucky to get the win.”

(22-21) on handicap, maybe there is hope for the Angels, playing their first ever game.

Tim quietly groaned to himself, as even a draw looked unlikely. He was under the cosh, looking miserable, and suffering from a rubbish opening.

Tim had chosen an unusual, unsound and entertaining variation against Derek’s d4 & e4. e6 then f5 is not recommended, and gave Tim severe problems. Fortunately for Tim, the god’s seemed to be on his side, and as Derek failed to make progress, an edgy endgame developed, Tim’s 2 Rooks & Bishop, against Derek’s Queen and opposite coloured Bishop.

Tim was hampered by awkward Queen & Bishop mate threats, Derek’s King  hassled by a Rook and Bishop. But after Derek opened up the position, his Queen became pinned against his King, losing the game and also the match

So the Angels win (22-25) on handicap