Club Championship Minor Competition 2014-15

In this competition, run in conjunction with the club championship, points are awarded to any player who draws with or beats a higher graded opponent. The number of points gained from any game is determined by the difference in grading between the two players. Thus, if a player is graded 50 and he beats a player graded 100, he scores 50 points. If the same two players draw, the lower-graded player scores 25 points.

On this basis, the following scores were achieved in the 2014-15 championship:

1. Dave Foster jr 33.5 points

2. Bruce Reed 30 points

3. Peter Booker 29 points

4. Derek Blair 7 points

5. Peter Crichton 5.5 points

In due course, Dave Foster will receive a bottle of wine, designed to degrade his performance next time round and give someone else a chance!

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