Reivers v Newcastle University

This match was played on Tuesday February 3rd 2015 with the following line-up:

1. Jeremy Handley v Alistair Ridley

2. Bruce Reed v Michael Knight

3. Steve Larkin v Pavel Shakavets

4. Peter Booker v Dimiter Shinkov

5. Damian Rudge v Gautam Mokan

No grades were available for any of the university players, though apparently Michael Knight was graded 150 a couple of years ago.

First to finish was board 3 where, in a lacklustre performance, Steve was swept away by Pavel, who used just 10 minutes of his allotted time to inflict a decisive defeat on Steve, aided and abetted by the fact that Steve presented him with a mate in one! 0-1

Much later, on board 2, Bruce had to settle for a draw in a complex situation after having earlier won a queen  for a rook and a knight. 0.5-1.5

Much later still,Peter and Damian, who had both achieved overwhelming superiority in the end game, eventually translated their advantage into victories after many an anxious moment on the way! 2.5-1.5

Which left Jeremy, a last-minute replacement for Alex, conducting a strong endgame against his hitherto unbeaten opponent. Alistair resigned when it became clear that Jeremy’s passed pawns were unstoppable. 3.5-1.5,

So despite the example set by their captain, the Reivers emerged with a clear win which moved them four places up the league table . Bravo! .

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