Pre-Christmas rapid-play

Nine members took part in this event, held on Tuesday December 16th 2014. The plan was to play five rounds of 30-minute each (15 minutes for each player), but the action was so fast and furious that two extra rounds proved possible. Peter Crichton timed his effort to perfection, recording a leading score of 4.5 after five rounds. Alas, he garnered only half a point in the two extra rounds and was duly overtaken. Derek Blair started his campaign in rather cavalier fashion, saying goodbye to his queen on move 5 of his first game, against Steve Larkin. However, he responded to that setback in the best possible fashion by winning his next six games, to record 6/7. Steve, who organised the event, benefitted from Derek’s blunder and from a bye in round 2, but dropped a point against Bruce Reed in round 3. However, he won his remaining four games to finish, like Derek, on 6/7. So the two Riding Millers carried off the prizes (two bottles of wine donated by Phil Taylor and by Steve), with Phil Taylor (5.5 points), Peter Crichton (5 points) and Bruce Reed (4.5 points) in hot pursuit. Behind them came Alex Ashworth and Matthew Taylor (nice to welcome him back for his annual fix of chess) on 3 points, while Dave Foster jr and Peter Booker brought up the rear with one point each. An evening of pleasure for some and pain for others, in short a typical chess evening!
A Happy Christmas and a successful New Year to all our readers (if there are any out there)!

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