Gosforth IV v Reivers

This match took place at Gosforth on Monday December 16th, with the following line-up:
1. Joe Chan (u) v Steve Larkin (125)
2. Bob Heyman (123) v Phil Taylor (125)
3. Tony Neville (u) v Dave Foster sr (120)
4. Steve Wilde (113) v Bruce Reed (118)
5. Dave Turner (104) v Damian Rudge (68)
First to finish was Damian, who was very disappointed with the way he played. Leaving it late to castle, he allowed black to pin his queen on his king and emerged a rook down. Game over. 1-0
Dave evened things up, going a pawn ahead, whereafter he kept Tony confined to his own half of the board until the win was assured. 1-1
Phil accepted Bob’s offer of a draw at a point when he (Phil) was a pawn down with no obvious way of making a break-through in quite a complex position. 1.5-1.5
Steve’s game was even until Joe triggered a whole series of exchanges from which Steve emerged with an inferior position. One pawn was going to fall and possibly two more, but leaving a knight unguarded turned a bad position into an untenable one. 1.5-2.5
Bruce likewise had an even game and was pressing with all his heavy artillery, while white defended with the equivalent pieces. Seeking to force the issue, Bruce blundered his queen.3.5-1.5
Having now lost 3 matches out of 5, and with the two strongest sides yet to be faced, the Reivers are definitely not candidates for promotion!

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