Reivers v Morpeth C

This third division match was played at Corbridge on Tuesday December 3rd, with the following line-up:
1. Steve Larkin (125) v Alan Welsh (138)
2. Dave Foster sr (120) v Harry Robinson (116)
3. Bruce Reed (118) v David Watson (111)
4. Dave Foster jr (91) v R. Junges-Stainthorpe (u)
5. Peter Booker (80) v B.Mole (u)
First to finish was Dave jr who blundered a bishop, after which the game was pretty much over. 0-1
Bruce went a pawn up, but with his queen, rook and knight plus pawns to David’s queen, rook and bishop plus pawns in a very balanced position, he took the draw which David offered. 0.5-1.5
Dave sr’s game was largely even till the end-game, when he got the chance to push two connected passed pawns. He executed the finish to perfection, eliminating black’s final pawn before bringing his king across to ensure that one of his two pawns queened. 1.5-1.5
Steve soon found himself bottled up in his kingside corner, with two rooks and a queen pointing at his king. Time for some desperate defending, till the only option available was to sacrifice knight for pawn in order to defuse the situation. After that, he had counter-play on the queenside with a passed pawn, but his king was fatally exposed to the attentions of two rooks and a bishop and, in time trouble, he failed to find the one move which might have saved him, at least for the time being. 1.5-2.5
Spare a thought for Peter on board 5. He reached the endgame a pawn and the exchange down, but used his queen, rook and bishop to put huge pressure on white’s king. The very complex position required a lot of thought, so pity poor Peter, who found a forced mate in two, only for the flag on his clock to drop before he could complete it! 1.5-3.5
So what was morally a drawn match turned into a second defeat and, with the division’s two strongest sides still to be played, promotion now looks a very distant prospect. Never mind. As they say of the Olympics, it’s the taking part that matters.

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