Tynemouth Sprites v Reivers

This match was played at Tynemouth on Tuesday October 29th with the following line-up:
1. Chris Smith (130) v Phil Taylor (125)
2. David Pearson (118) v Dave Foster sr (120)
3. Bill Penny (u) v Bruce Reed (118)
4. Lewis Self (u) v Dave Foster jr (91)
5. Patrick Pearson (66) v Damian Rudge (68)
I was not at the match myself but I have received the following reports:
Dave senior writes: “I was first to finish, Pearson Jr opened e5 and I went into a sicilian defence-ish. I made a typical Foster Snr uncastled king side (diagonal error AGAIN!) error in the late opening and gifted him a piece. I don’t know why I do this, it happens far too often, all it does is send me into a banzai mood. So with my king wonderfully exposed to an attack consisting of two linked rooks, a bishop and a highly active queen I started a ten move attack on his kings (castled long) side and now unprotected flank. He lost tempo attempting to stop the onslaught and finally succumbed to a three move mate in the centre of the board, resigning before I had the opportunity to move the pieces. I’m pretty chuffed with my attack but why oh why do I have to go pieces down to kick start my game.” 0-1
Damian was apparently the next to finish. He writes: “My opponent’s and my aggregate grading totalled 134 and resulted in a game that went on ,seemingly interminably, for nearly sixty moves. It was more like a suicide-pact than a competition. It was, literally and metaphorically, like watching two bald men fighting over a comb.” Nonetheless, our bald man won! 0-2
Phil writes: “My game was typical of my play at the moment. I’d played Chris once before in 2004 where I beat him in the Northumberland Congress minor. Tuesday’s game was closely fought until move 31 when I decided to offer my opponent a Knight free of charge. He willingly took this and went on to accept my resignation 10 moves later.” 1-2
On board 4 Dave junior was outplayed by a stronger opponent. 2-2
Last to finish was Bruce, of whose game Phil writes: “Bruce almost got out of jail when his opponent blundered a rook to level things up. Bruce, however, was short on time and would probably have lost anyway but he decided to offer a Queen sacrifice (blunder) & immediately resigned.” 3-2
So with this narrow defeat the Reivers’ winning streak came to an end.

One thought on “Tynemouth Sprites v Reivers”

  1. Can I suggest a change in your report. “All I know of Dave junior’s game is that he lost and that Tynemouth won the match 3-2”. David Jnr was not the last man to finish, it was suggested that his opponent should have been graded at about 114 and he was certainly outplayed. His loss placed us at 2-2 with a considerable time to go. Bruce was last to finish. Thank you.


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