Reivers v Forest Hall B

This match was played at the Angel on Tuesday October 22nd. The line-up was
1. Phil (125) v Jeff Bentham (125)
2. Steve (125) v M. Young (U)
3. Dave Foster sr (120) v John Wall sr (131)
4. Dave Foster jr (91) v Roy Perrier (128)
5. Peter Booker (80) v Dennis Shippen (92)
First to finish was Peter, who pulled off a splendid victory. He began by building a strong centre, then castled queenside to avoid the kingside attack Dennis was putting together. Then he trapped one of Dennis’s rooks, which went for nothing. Dennis resigned when he threw away his other rook. 1-0
Dave senior felt that John had a slightly better position after the opening, but John left a bishop en prise, and when Dave forked rook and king John resigned. 2-0
Phil writes of his game with Jeff: “This was another game where mistakes played a significant part. I have only played Jeff once before as far as I know and lost then playing black. The opening was a Sicilian which Jeff turned into a Grand Prix Attack with f4 on move 3. I’ve never been comfortable playing this type of game and soon found myself on the back foot trying to defend an isolated e-pawn. This was probably a mistake in itself, pulling my pieces onto all the wrong squares. Eventually, on move 30 I left a bishop vulnerable to a Queen check fork and ended up resigning on move 35. After a good start in the Northumberland congress it’s back to the usual mistake-ridden games.” 2-1
Dave junior’s game was quite controversial. He had lost his queen and when Roy trapped his king with rook and queen it looked all over. Indeed Roy declared mate as he brought his queen to bear on Dave’s king and for a moment it seemed as though they were going to shake hands on the outcome when Dave senior, who was sitting right beside Dave junior, made clear that it was not in fact mate, which it wasn’t. All Dave had to do was to take queen with king, which he duly did, to equalise the position. In the event, Roy went on to win, after Dave sacrificed a knight for a pawn which proved to be an unsound move. Had the result gone the other way, there might well have been complications! 2-2
Steve’s was the last game to finish. Launching an early queenside attack involving queen, bishop and two knights, he put his opponent under a lot of pressure and a double check resulted in a series of exchanges from which Steve emerged, somewhat to his surprise, a piece for a pawn up. Thereafter a series of forced exchanges whittled away his opponent’s pieces, including an exchange of knight for rook in Steve’s favour. Black played on until it became clear that there was no way for him to push any of his pawns, at which point he resigned. 3-2 and a welcome second win for the Reivers.

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