Forest Hall A v Tynedale Reivers

This match took place on Friday April 12th at Forest Hall, with the following line-up:
1. Martin Seeber (158) v Derek Blair (150)
2. Rolf Millar (137) v Peter Crichton (137)
3. John Wall (139) v Phil Taylor (126)
4. Dennis Shippen (102)v Steve Larkin (107)
5. Johnny Wall jr (u) v Damian Rudge (u)
First to finish was Steve, whose opponent was rather generous with his pawns from quite early on. After that, the pressure from two rooks and queen working together on white’s second and third ranks prompted a somewhat premature resignation. 0-1
Next up was Peter, whose opponent held the upper hand for the first half of the game. Having equalized, Peter offered a draw which was declined. He then went on to build a two-pawn advantage in the endgame (bishop and 4 to bishop and 2), at which point his opponent resigned. 0-2
Phil’s was a long, hard game, evenly balanced till he decided to push his a-pawn. As a result black emerged with two linked, passed pawns. Phil resigned when they reached the sixth and seventh ranks respectively and were impregnable. 1-2
Damian had his young opponent under pressure for much of the game, with doubled rooks menacing black’s e-pawn, while queen and bishop worked powerfully on a diagonal. Eventually the queen broke through on the g-file and Damian gained two pawns, leaving black’s king rather exposed. Ignoring three offers of a draw, Damian pushed his unopposed pawns forward on the kingside and in the centre, before a queen check which picked up a rook decided the outcome. 1-3
Derek’s game went pretty much to the wire and was closely contested throughout. Eventually he dropped a bishop for two pawns, but his pawn advantage was neutralised by his opponent and Derek resigned when it became clear that there was no way through for the white pawns, while a single black pawn would indeed queen. 2-3
A welcome victory which ensures a somewhat more respectable position in the division.

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