Tans end of season round-up

The Tans welcomed Jesmond Knights in the knowledge that a draw would see them safe – anything less would leave their fate in other hands.

Tim Wrigley quickly swept to victory – aggressive attacks on both sides of the board left Ron Plater’s King imperilled – one false move from Ron and it was all over, Tim had a convincing mating attack.

Jeremy Handley had a tough day at the office as John Turnock slowly outmanoeuvred him. John can be a terrible force on his day and this was one of them, Jeremy attempted to find some counterplay with a central break but John’s position was too strong.


David Wrigley organised his forces well in the opening and had decent attacking chances with lots of minor pieces to support his IQP.Under time pressure he sacrificed a pawn to guide the game into an opposite coloured bishop ending. Another pawn fell in the process and Prasath Malola judged the position better, eking out a win.


Derek Blair had the best of a tactical tussle with Amarvansh Singh, but he fell behind on the clock whilst the position remained very complicated. Each side had a rook and minor piece, and passed pawns and Derek couldn’t quite keep the game safe as his time dwindled to nought. A good game undeserving of the loss.


Dave Weldon had another double-edged affair. After a cagey beginning, the game lit up in tim trouble and once again Dave proved his mettle, mating Ed Dodds with seconds to spare.

Tynedale Tans 2-3 Jesmond Knights
David Wrigley 0-1 Malola Prasath (185)
Dave Weldon 1-0 Edward Dodds (178)
Jeremy Handley 0-1 John Turnock (171)
Tim Wrigley 1-0 Ron Plater (167)
Derek Blair 0-1 Amarvansh Singh (164)

So the Tans lose and their fate is not their own. However, on Friday the news trickled through that Gosforth Empire had been held to a draw by already-relegated Tynemouth Castles, which sees the Tans safe for another year.

The Tans have fought well this season, scoring 22 points from 53 games (42%). As a consequence almost all of our matches have been close fought affairs. It became clear fairly early on that two teams from 4 would go down and we have not helped our cause by losing to all the other three! Our points have all come against strong teams and apart from the inevitable loss to Leam Lane and a tough night in Morpeth, we haven’t been overwhelmed.

Player stats

David Wrigley  dld-dddwwdl p10 5pts av bd.1
David Weldon dldldllwlww p11 4.5pts av bd 1.9
Jeremy Handley     -dldllld-wl p9 2.5pts av bd 3
Tim Wrigley   —ldldxwdw p7 3.5pts av bd 3.7
Derek Blair   ddwldw—ll  p8 3.5pts av bd 4.3
Peter Crichton   dddd—xd– p5 2.5pts av bd 4.6
Bruce Reed l———- p1 0pts av bd 5
Dave Foster sr ——–l– p1 0pts av bd 5
Phil Taylor ——d—- p1 0.5pts av bd 5
Overall: won 10 drawn 24 loss 19

The draw count is impressive! This is largely down to Peter “Stopper” Crichton who hasn’t lost a game (but hasn’t won one either!) and David Wrigley who managed to draw 60% of his games. The points have been fairly well shared out otherwise – a big thank you to all who’ve played.

Until next season!

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