Club Championship March 2013

The all-play-all phase of the championship is now over. The final scores are as follows:
1. Alex Ashworth 6/7
2. Bruce Reed 6/8
3. Derek Blair 5/7
4. Peter Crichton 5/8
5. Dave Foster sr 4.5/6
6. Jeremy Handley 4.5/7
7. Steve Larkin 4.5/8
8. Phil Taylor 4/6
9. Malcolm Reid 3/4
10. Karl Skowronski 3/7
11. Peter Booker 2.5/8
12. David Wrigley 2/3
13. Tim Wrigley 1.5/3
14. Christine Moorcroft 1.5/7
15. Raoul Weston 1/1
16. Dave Scott 1/3
17. Damian Rudge 1/8
18. Dave Foster jr 1/9
It will be immediately apparent that more players have taken part and more games have been played than at any time since the championships started in this format – many thanks to all for this support.
Now we enter the knockout phase of the championship, involving the top 8 players, less Dave Foster senior who has withdrawn, making way for Malcolm in eighth spot. In accordance with the rules, this gives the following line-up in the quarter-finals:
A. Alex v Malcolm
B. Derek v Steve (for the third year running!)
C. Bruce v Phil
D. Peter C v Jeremy
If humanly possible, the quarter-finals should be completed by the end of April.
Good luck to all concerned and commiserations to those who did not make the cut.

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