Monarchs vs HaydonBridge 12/3/13

Monarchs vs HaydonBridge 12/3/13

This was an important match for both teams – HaydonBridge to lift themselves off the bottom of the league and achieve the double over Tynedale teams; and Monarchs to stay in the title race.  The Monarchs needed to win more than 3 games due to the handicap system.

Steve Larkin was first to finish with an efficient win on Board 4 against rapidly improving Damian Hurst.

 On Board 2 Derek Blair opened with a Veresov Attack which was confounded by solid play by Christine Moorhouse’s aggressive defence.  With the pieces fairly even, and White’s king uncastled, Black tried to develop her queen side as a precursor to attack.  However, her bishop and king were caught on the same row by White whose rook gratefully wiped out the bishop after the forced king move.  With a second rook able to penetrate Black’s position a resignation was inevitable.

Meanwhile Board 1 featured the usual titan battle between David Wrigley and Ian MackayIan opened with the English but had to adapt to Black’s Leningrad Dutch.  Despite losing a pawn and having two pieces swapped off for a rook and pawn, David achieved active play.  Later he won an exchange which led to a quality mating attack.

The match outcome therefore depended on Board 3 the last game to finish and featuring HaydonBridge’s veteran captain David Tulip with white against Malcolm Reid; Or in chess openings a classical English attack against an Irregular defence.  On this occasion and after a complex struggle featuring uncastled kings and unbalanced positions Malcolm forced David’s resignation.

Monarchs breathed a sigh of relief with the 4 – 0 win.


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