Reivers v South Shields B

This match was played at the Dyvels on Tuesday March 19th, with the following line-up:
1. Phil Taylor (126) v Ben Wood (127)
2. Bruce Reed (121) v Stan Johnson (119)
3. Dave Foster sr (117)v Terry Scollan (u)
4. Alex Ashworth (113) v Jack Burnett (u)
5. Peter Booker (77) v Default
First, many thanks to Peter for agreeing to stand in for Damian, and for getting us off to a flying start, and for accepting most graciously that he would not after all get a game! 1-0
Last to start and first to finish was Alex, who destroyed his opponent in eleven moves with an unopposed Queen and Knight attack, before going on to play a club championship game with Peter B! 2-0
Much later, but still quite early in the evening, Dave’s opponent resigned in the face of unanswerable pressure on his King from two rooks, a bishop and a knight, following some very neat attacking play by Dave… and already the match was won! 3-0
A lot later still, Phil emerged victorious from a hard tussle, in which his favoured Sicilian O’Kelly opening served him well, before a decisive skewering of Queen and Rook paved the way to an impressive win. 4-0
Bruce’s game was closely contested throughout, with Stan always having the edge, both in material terms (he went a pawn up early on), but above all positionally as he put Bruce under sustained pressure. Eventually this led to Bruce misplacing his queen and allowing Stan in to checkmate him. 4-1
A welcome victory and two much needed match points in the drive to achieve a modicum of respectability in division 2!

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