Hobbits cut down to size by folk from the ‘shire

Hexhamshire’s(ish) finest Tynedale Tans have hit decent form of late. A default-assisted victory over Jesmond Rookies and a spirited draw with Tynemouth Trojans meant that relegation is now merely a pressing concern, rather than a formality. Match Points against Tynemouth’s other first team, Tynemouth Hobbits, would mean a good chance of survival.

We arrived in good spirits and bolstered by Jeremy and Derek’s returns from warmer pastures.

Derek Blair played a new invention, the novo-Portuguese attack, and picked up a pawn from Lara Barnes fairly quickly. A miscalculation during a tricky heavy piece exchange left him a knight down, and Lara won efficiently. 0-1

Jeremy Handley found himself under some pressure against Michael Hubbard. However, he was blessed with a clear defensive plan, whilst Michael had too many options to choose from – the tide turned swiftly and the rest of the game was a comfortable attack for Jeremy and his position was soon overwhelming. An excellent point against a super-solid player.

1-1 and all to play for!

Clive Waters’ opening move order meant David Wrigley was soon out of book and uncomfortable. Clive didn’t seem to like his position either and both sides seemed happy to simplify the position. A level quadruple knight ending appeared on the board – David was well behind on the clock, but Clive (somewhat generously) accepted David’s draw offer.


Tim Wrigley was under the cosh against John Clarke but did his usual trick of resisting and making the most of his defensive opportunities – John missed a subtle tactical blow to win material, but the resulting position would have been very messy.  John offered a draw when the position was simplifying into a level ending with Q&N apiece. After a quick scan of the game on board 2, Tim accepted.

2-2, it all comes down to board 2.

Dave Weldon continues to play the most exciting chess in the division. His game was a tactical blaze: A piece sac for an attack on Antonio Moneva-Jordan’s king looked pretty dangerous, but Antonio resisted well and his position held together. The position was so complex that both players were moving slowly. Under time-pressure Dave managed to reignite his attack and Antonio couldn’t find a good defence – Dave delivered checkmate with three minutes to spare.


Tynemouth Hobbits 2-3 Tynedale Tans
Clive Waters (201) ½-½ David Wrigley
Antonio Moneva-Jordan (174) 0-1 Dave Weldon
Michael Hubbard (166) 0-1 Jeremy Handley
John Clarke (162) ½-½ Tim Wrigley
Lara Barnes (159) 1-0 Derek Blair

An unexpected victory!

Title courtesy Gandalf Rudge!

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