Club Championship update

Here is the current state of play as at March 6th 2013:
Bruce 5/7
Peter C 5/8
Dave F sr 4.5/6
Steve 4.5/8
Alex 4/5
Derek 4/6
Phil 4/6
Jeremy 3.5/6
Malcolm 3/4
Karl 3/7
Peter B 2.5/6
David Wr 2/3
Tim 1.5/2
Raoul 1/1
Dave Scott 1/5
Dave F jr 1/8
Damian 1/8
So at this point in time everyone from Jeremy upwards makes the cut to the knockout stage. There are still three Tuesdays left before the cut-off date of midnight on March 26th, but of course some of these will be taken up by matches for some people. Who, if anyone, will make a late run? Have Jeremy and co done enough to be safe? Watch this space!!!

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