Dyvels v Haydon Bridge 7th February 2013

With seven of the players involved in this match playing on Wednesday afternoons at Hexham Golf Club it was inevitable that all would have a good idea of what kind of chess their opponents played.

As the Dyvels were playing away we had white on boards 1 and 3, and black on 2 and 4.

First to finish was Jeremy on board 1. The game was even throughout, and with queens and bishops of opposite colours left in the depleted – but otherwise even ranks, Jeremy and Ian quickly agreed a draw.

In David’s match against Bruce he swapped off pieces until all that was left were queens, a single bishop (of the same colour) and seven pawns each. In what looked like a fairly even position, however, the positional advantages were with white – with black having doubled central pawns and white having opportunities to push either the a or b pawn through to the back rank.

In his anxiety to try to open up the white’s king side, and get a decisive advantage, David miscalculated a pawn exchange, and rapidly found that white had gained 2 pawns, and exchanged queens and bishops left him with an unstoppable tide of pawns threatening to queen.

At this point with Dyvels having 1.5 to 0.5 we looked on course to secure the 3 points we needed to win on handicap.
After a fairly even opening and middle game Peter Crichton was able to win a pawn which, being supported and passed, probably should have secured victory, and he looked comfortably in charge. Christine had other ideas, as Peter explained.
“I foolishly underestimated Christine’s tenacity and overlooked counter-play that allowed her to promote a pawn and by so doing win the game”.

For onlookers that appears an understatement. The realisation that he could not get his bishop back to stop an advancing pawn gradually dawned on Peter and onlookers alike. Christine – never to be underestimated, despite her grading/handicap – played well, and deserved her victory.

Peter Booker had a fairly even game against Damian, until he pushed too hard as the time left on his clock dwindled away. Damian (who like Christine joins the Tynedale players on Tuesday nights) played solidly, and patiently, as Peter gradually risked too much, and saw his pawns picked off. Peter lost on time, when Damian was a rook and several pawns to the good

It was not the match result the Dyvels hoped for, but a timely reminder that higher gradings do not guarantee victory.


Dyvels (away)         Haydon Bridge (home)
  H’cap Result points points Result   H’cap
Jeremy Handley          2 1/2 2 2 1/2 Ian Mackay 3
Peter Crichton  3 0 0 4 1 Christine Moorcroft 5
Bruce Reed                     4 1 4 0 0 David Tulip 7
Peter Booker 8 0 0 4 1 Damian Rudge 8
Totals 17   6 10     23
Combined scores   23




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