Morpeth A v Tans

Morpeth A v Tynedale Tans – 28 Nov 2012 

With David Wrigley absent the Tans struggled at Morpeth and went down 4-1. The result does not reflect the good games, but the truth is we were well beaten.

First to finish was Peter Crichton, who accepted an early draw from John Horton. ½-½

 Second was Tim, if not out of his depth, then certainly in deep water. Mike Smyth showed him how to take advantage of passive play and Tim lost without having made any serious errors. I need to learn how to play against Nf3. 1½-½

 Third to finish was Derek, who lost to Les Whittle. At the end Derek was Bishop & 2 pawns against Les with Bishop & 4 pawns and Les confidently pushed his central pawns to finish the game. 2½-½

Fourth was Dave Weldon, playing White for the first time against Roger Coathup. The previous 43 meeting between them have all been with Roger as white. The clock played a significant part here as Dave had a Rook & 2 pawns against Rook & 3 pawns, which would be tricky to hold, without the added pressure of a rapidly ticking clock. 2½-½

By far the most interesting game was Phil Eastlake & Jeremy Handley. After a Queens Gambit accepted, Jeremy ended up with Bishop & pawn against Knight & 2 pawns. As Phil tried to shepherd his pawns home Jeremy’s Rook’s pawn made a dash for freedom. I suspect nuances were missed in desperate time trouble, but the game ended when Phil’s Knight took the Jeremy’ last pawn. leaving only a Knight & Kings on the board . Phil had 4 seconds left at the end, Jeremy about two minutes. 

Roger Coathup 1-0 David Weldon
Mike Smyth 1-0 Tim Wrigley
Phil Eastlake ½-½ Jeremy Handley
Les Whittle 1-0 Derek Blair
John Horton ½-½ Peter Crichton

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