Tynedale Tans 2-3 Tynemouth Castles

The Tans were undone by the narrowest of margins at the hands of newly promoted Tynemouth Castles.

Peter Crichton and Dave Mear were in a tearing hurry to get off the board, Peter prudently accepting a draw in a rook ending where he was no better.

Derek Blair and Keith Rockett are two entertaining tacticians who managed to neutralise each other on board three without much fuss.

David Wrigley was under the cosh when Dave Jarema, who had an advantage in space and development but an ugly bishop, offered a draw. David calmly bit his hand off.

So the score was 1.5-1.5 and Dave Weldon and Bruce Reed were both a pawn to the good against Dave Hair and Ray Garside respectively. Dave Hair found a cute tactic which led Dave Weldon into a opposite coloured bishop ending where Dave’s extra pawn didn’t count for anything. Bruce, under nasty pressure for the majority of his game, did very well to turn the tide of his Ray’s kingside attack. He consolidated his pawn advantage, but Ray’s pawn structure was solid and his pieces well placed to defend. Bruce’s flag fell before he could wrench the position open.

Tynedale Tans 2 – 3 Tynemouth Castles

David Wrigley ½-½ Dave Jarema (159)
Dave Weldon ½-½ Dave Hair (146)
Derek Blair ½-½ Keith Rockett (138)
Peter Crichton ½-½ Dave Mear (116)
Bruce Reed 0-1 Ray Garside (116)

The season starts here!

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