Northumberland Congress 2012

Five members of the club took part in the 48th Northumberland Chess Congress at the Parks Leisure Centre in North Shields on September 21-23, 2012.

David Wrigley was our only entry in the Open, where he was seeded 22nd of the 23 entries. He took a bye on the Friday night, lost to Pratik Shriwas (grade 203) of Middlesborough and to Christopher Izod (163) of Jesmond on the Saturday, and to Ron Plater (174) on the Sunday, before rounding off the weekend with a draw against Raymond Illett (171) of Peterborough, to finish on 1/5. It’s tough in the Open!

Peter Crichton flew the flag for us in the Major (165 and under), where he was seeded 20th of the 21 entries. On Friday he lost to Richard Parry (158) of Bushbury. On Saturday he lost to Dean Hartley (148) of Amber valley, then beat Ian McKay (140) of Austin Friars. On Sunday he drew with top seed Kevin Shaw (164) of Yarmouth, a fine result in a game which went to the wire, then took a bye to go and watch Newcastle United. 2/5

We had 3 entrants amongst the 43 in the Minor (135 and under), Phil Taylor being seeded 14th, Bruce Reed 18th and Steve Larkin 32nd. On the Friday Phil beat Graham Marshall (96) of Hartlepool. On the Saturday he drew with Stephen LeFevre (133) of Cosham and with David Stewardson (130) of Leam Lane. On Sunday he lost to Stan Johnson (119) of South Shields (to spare Phil’s blushes I shall not go into details!), then bounced back with a draw against top seed Graham Matthews (135) for a score of 2.5/5.

Bruce beat Andrew McCulloch (93) from Scotland on the Friday. On the Saturday he lost to Peter Ridsdale (133) of Great Ayton and beat Lex Thomson, ungraded, of South Shields. On Sunday he lost to Ted Jarah (129) and then, like Peter, went to watch Newcastle United. 2.5/5

Steve took a bye on the Friday. On Saturday he drew with David Ramsey (124) of Preston and with Geoffrey Garnett (119) of Elmwood. On Sunday he beat Brian Kerr (131) and lost to Richard Oxnard (133) of Tynemouth. 2.5/5

So none of us covered ourselves in glory but we all had a good time and will doubtless be back for more!


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